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“BLOOD” Water

“Blood” water - the first plague in Exodus is the waters of the earth and body becoming infected by intercellular toxins. Of these there are MANY kinds.

Exodus 7:17 (KJV)

17 Upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood.

Dinoflagellates are a type of bacteria. They reside in fresh and salt water habitats.

A cluster of certain dinoflagellates can result in a visible coloration of the water, colloquially known as red tide.

This poisons the fish/shell fish in the environment (this leads us on to the second plague in Exodus - which will be explained in another post).

Dinoflagellate toxins are among the most potent biotoxins known.


When digested by humans they cause ALL kinds of poisoning and have been linked major human health issues. See: “Hoppenrath, Mona and Juan F. Saldarriaga. 2012. Dinoflagellates. Version 15 December 2012” for further details.

The lymphatic circulatory system cleanses the vital fluids of the body where these toxic entities may reside.

Detoxification of toxins and parasites improves health along ALL lines: body, MIND and Spirit.

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