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Sacred Secretion & Kundalini Experiences -- Call to share your stories and insights video

Seek Vision Sacred Secretion Community

Hello, beautiful souls!


I recently reached out via the community page on my YouTube channel to ask what topics you would like covered and if you had any specific requests and the response was awesome -- thank you so much!

Today, I am responding to the request that several of you made to hear the genuine testimonies of others who have experienced the sacred secretion or kundalini rising for themselves.

So, this is an invitation to share YOUR stories, YOUR experiences, and YOUR insights in order to shed light on the subject and to help, inspire and encourage others.


There’s so much power in community and support, because as human beings we really thrive when we feel connected and understood!


Over the years, many of you have reached out, sharing your beautiful transformations and incredible journeys and I’d love to create a video where others can benefit from hearing these stories.


So, if you feel called to do so, please upload a video of yourself no longer than 5 mins in length, sharing the insights that you’d most like others to hear about here:


  • Videos must be 5 mins or less.

  • I'd like to share as many as possible in the final edit, so this time limit will allow more voices to be heard.


  • Your videos must be clean, with no foul language, explicit content or triggering/sensitive topics (if you're talking about seed retention use appropriate language).


  • If you would like your name or social media handle to appear in the final compilation video please include it in your video!

  • If you prefer to remain anonymous that's fine too.


You are welcome to share anything that seems significant to your own profound journey.

Your energy and uniqueness contribute to the tapestry of this sacred community.


You might choose to talk about how your sacred secretion practice has enhanced your life?


Or, what positive shifts you’ve noticed on your spiritual path…


You could talk about practical exercises that have worked for you or anything else you’ve found beneficial to the inner alchemical process.


Or, maybe you’d prefer to describe any felt experience that you’ve had…


Of course, I acknowledge that every journey has its ebbs and flows.


So, if you’d prefer to share your challenges or negative symptoms then that’s fine too.


All of your insights are equally valuable and sharing these moments can provide support and guidance to others who may be navigating similar paths.


Your stories, whether they be whispers of joy, triumphs over challenges, or profound realizations, are an integral part of this community.


So, my lovely brothers and sisters, if you feel compelled to share, I encourage you to do so!



After a few weeks, Seek Vision will compile a final cut including all of your offerings and publish it to this channel:


Depending on the level of response, it may or may not be possible to be include everyone’s contributions, but I will do my very best to share as many of your insights as possible and to compile a truthful and balanced video that shows the genuine testimonies of people on this path.


Thank you for being a radiant part of this sacred circle.


Together, we can illuminate the path for one another, creating a space where every story is heard, cherished, and celebrated.


I can’t wait to hear from you all!


May divine love manifest itself in you all, always and in all ways.




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