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Sacred Secretion Practices / Exercises

7 Minute Guided CSF Meditation and Breath to Assist the Sacred Secretion

A 7 Minute guided CSF (Christ Oil) Meditation and Breath Exercise to assist the Sacred Secretion and Kundalini Energy.


This integrated meditation and breath exercise (pranayama) is specifically designed for Kundalini (Life Force) and CSF (Christ Oil) stimulation.




  1. Benefits of CSF meditation.

  2. Instructions.

  3. 7 minute guided meditation.

  4. 2 minute relaxtion.

7 Minute Guided Hemi-Sync / Corpus Callosum Meditation and Breath Exercise

7 minute guided Corpus Callosum vitalizing meditation with integrated hemi-sync breath exercise (pranayama).


When life keeps us busy being productive, formulaic and just "ticking boxes" we often ignore the call of the right brain and it's creative, inspired, and innovative ideas that can actually help us work smarter and more lucratively, rather than harder! Elevation: The Divine Power of the Human Body, a study of the book of Revelation explains about the importance of right brain activity in our lives

and also in mystical experiences.

The corpus collosum is the part of the brain that connects the left and right hemispheres. The pros of having a healthy corpus collosum

is that you’ll be able to think more quickly, receive inspiration well, improvise easily and ultimately come to recognise your absolute, limitless power as an extension of the God power in and through you!  


This means that you will be primed to receive divine downloads and slide into the current of your perfect “soul” purpose with ease! Thus, creating more health, wealth, and abundance with less aggravation, exhaustion, and fuss.  




  • Benefits and scientific explanation of this exercise.

  • Instructions.

  • 7 minute guided practice.

  • 2 minute relaxation.

Mirror Technique for Transformation and Healing

A Sacred Secretion Practice for Healing and Success - Beginner Level Mirror Technique


Mirror Technique is powerful practice that can be used for deep healing. This video explains the practice and benefits of this ancient healing modality and the free PDF accompaniment can be downloaded here.


if you're living in fear, anxiety and or are constantly second guessing yourself

it can be very challenging to keep your vibration high and therefore almost impossible to raise your kundalini or Christ oil (CSF) for true awakening. This is because healing and Success are ONE! 

When you heal and let go of old debilitating programmes you inevitably raise your frequency and become a magnet for success. The Eyes are the windows to the soul and this Essene mirror technique or mirror transformation is a sacred secretion practice that will help you elevate your frequency and inner essences!

A Sacred Secretion Practice for Healing and Success - Advanced Level Mirror Technique

A powerful 3rd Eye Sacred Secretion meditation technique for healing and success, and also a sacred secretion meditation that can be used on your sacred secretion timing days, when the moon is in your sun sign (I have  videos about this time phase 

-  on my channel and a calendar available  - 


Here is the free PDF to accompany this high level mirror 

trataka.  I recommend doing the beginner level technique several times before advancing to this practice.

This Powerful Mirror Technique and 3rd eye Meditation is made to be used on your spiritual journey. When you experience deep healing of the mind, body, and soul you inevitably raise your frequency and become a powerful magnet for your dreams and desires, not to mention becoming better connected and aware of your spiritual gifts.

Transcendental Meditation Practice

 A powerful transcendental meditation technique for going within and seeing beyond the "veil". Transcendental Meditation is one of most straightforward yet effective modes of healing and transformation known to man. Transcendental meditation allows us to dissolve illusions and receive a clear vision of truth, leaving us empowered and primed to live in absolute care-free authenticity. 


Here is the link to a playlist including my other favourite

ascension mantras.

Never underestimate the healing and transformation power of the spoken word! If these tracks don't resonate with you find a hymn or worship song that does and just sing your heart out - this alone will go a long way! "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." John 1:1

Lymphatic Exercises to Boost and Cleanse your Water Ways!

These lymphatic exercises will shift your watery soul body or lymphatic system into detox mode. Assisting with the clearance of your physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual connection. 


"Water carries the imprints of our thoughts throughout the temple- body and the cells adjust accordingly, therefore our lymphatic-water systems are key in the Great Regeneration. Due to this mechanism, the quality of our thoughts effects the quality of our internal system and 

consequently the world around us. The body always reflects the minds choices and is fully influenced by our thoughts. In other words, the lymphatic system creates the physical outcomes of our conscious and subconscious thoughts."

Page IX, The Cell of Life, Awakening and Regenerating by Kelly-Marie Kerr


Your "living waters" are your lens between the manifest and the un-manifest so clearing your lymphatics from useless emotional imprints and or physicals toxins is a powerful way to break from debilitating cycles and assist the sacred secretion.  


I suggest using it a few days before your sacred secretion timing or when the moon moves into your sun sign. 

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