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Unlocking Inner Alchemy: Exploring Disney and Animated Classics in Just 1 Minute

The Never Ending Story 

"Everything" comes from "NO" thing... this classic explores the overcoming of illusions and the building of worlds through imagination and manifestation, "made in the image (imagination) and LIKENESS of God." With subtle references to the kundalini "serpent," "energy," or indeed Luck (Lucifer/Phosphorus) Dragon.


The etymology of the name Cinderella, denotes burning, ashes, or coal (carbon 666). "Cinders" was always found sitting by the fireplace at the base of the chimney, representing the spine. Her awakening journey shows her transformation via her ascension vehicle into abundance (limitless, oneness) consciousness at the "crown."

The Lion King PART 1

The esoteric (hidden) themes in the Lion King are profound, part 1 uncovers how both the pituitary and pineal, male and female master glands feature in the plot and how Simba's journey paralells our own spiritual journeys.

The Lion King PART 2

In part 2 of The Lion King 1 minute Exploration, we see how detoxification and oxytocin fuelled heart expansions act as a catalyst for the sacred secretion and the release of the biochemicals of enlightenment, which allow illusions to dissolve.

Snow White

This timeless tale is filled with symbolic language. Even snow whites appearance illustrates the 3 alchemical energies known as Rubedo (Red), Negredo (Black) and Albedo (White). All this plus nods to the solar/mineral body that's slowly transmuted through the spiritual path.


Everyone's favourite "Diamond (Carbon 666) In the Rough," Alladin and his journey into the Cave of Wonders (Cave of Brahma) to retrieve the "Oil Lamp" (Christ Oil) that houses the "Genie" is a literary masterpiece pointing to our own connection to the "I am."


You don't have to look far to see the paralells between the characters Wade and Ember and the Soma/Water and Agni/Fire of the Kundalini traditions "hidden" in plain site in this stunning film. This film makes me cry everytime as we see the alchemical wedding through such a beautiful lens and watch the "enmity" between the two polarites dissolve.

The Little Mermaid

I am still amazed by how many metaphors and symbols were packed into this film by Disney and their writers, the imagery is so nostalgic of many famous alchemical (chemistry) artworks its just uncanny.  These reflections certainly lend to the popular idea that Walt was a 33rd degree Mason (master builder) who desired to share forbidden truths with the "profane," or those that other power hungry "elites" deem unworthy...

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