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Sacred Secretion Recipes

Nitric Oxide, Kundalini Booster

Nitric Oxide is known as the “molecule of health” and is intrinsically related to the Kundalini Fire and “Christ Oil” (CSF), this smoothie compliments your monthly Super Consciousness Awakening (sacred secretion) practice beautifully. 


This recipe boosts nitric oxide significantly and nitric oxide is at the foundation of human life; photons created in the suns solar core, transmit light to Earth.  

When photon light is absorbed by the body, nitric oxide (NO) is formed. Nitric oxide stimulates the synthesis of adenosine

triphosphate (ATP) which is essential for the development and metabolism 

of ALL BODILY SYSTEMS, INCLUDING CELLULAR GENERATION AND REGENERATION. Even an unborn foetus cannot develop without it.

If you are interested in the parallels between Nitric Oxide and the Kundalini or Sacred Secretion, please watch my video entitled, Nitric Oxide and The Kundalini – Christ Jesus 777 888.


The maximum peak of the Sacred Secretion (kundalini or Super Consciousness Awakening) has two major aspects. 


  1. The stimulation of nitric oxide release (the kundalini)  

  2. The upgrade of melatonin into DMT and the other biochemicals of enlightenment/nectar of the Gods 

These two operations are synchronous. Melatonin upgrades only occur when our inner harmony, love or euphoria induces nitric oxide, heart-expansions. The Cell of Life explains this inner alchemical phenomenon in depth. 

Alkalizing Power Water

This alkalising power water is IN–credible for assisting with the preserving and raising of the Sacred Secretion! 


Water IS LIFE AND pH is EVERYTHING!  Our modern lives can cause us to become very acidic! Acid cuts the Christ Oil and diminishes the monthly seed. Over acidity decreases immune functions, causes brain fog, tiredness, irritability, the inability to concentrate… and this is just the tip of the iceberg!    

pH stands for potential hydrogen – which basically refers to the level of life providing electrons available in your vital fluids. Acid is devoid of free electrons, alkaline is electron rich!


It is imperative to assist your body with clean alkalising (energising) food and water such as this at all times, but especially during the time when the moon is in your sun sign. You should also consider fasting from other acid building factors like alcohol, sugar, and meat.  Acid inducing emotions such as anger and impatience are detrimental too! 


Water in its natural state (at source in nature) has an alkaline pH and is crammed full of essential minerals (cell salts)… But unfortunately its not that easy to get our hands on such purifying, unprocessed water.  So, after much experimentation I have found these four specific ingredients to be the best for assisting your practice. 


The ingredients are lemon/lime, ginger, Ceylon cinnamon and pink Himalayan salt. This combination is EXCELLENT for aiding purification and elimination pathways, boosting hydration and sharpening your own spiritual vision.


*Complete recipe, method, alchemical benefits, and tips for usage explained in the video - ENJOY!

Banana Tryptophan Tea - DMT

This banana tryptophan DMT tea is specifically for using at NIGHT TIME during your practice time (when the moon is in your sun sign).  It naturally enhances tryptophan availability in the body. If you’ve read The God Design or have been watching my videos for a while, you’ll know that tryptophan is the FOUNDATION FOR SELF-PRODUCED DMT.  


Known as the spirit molecule, DMT is one of the biochemicals of enlightenment 

and assists all the healing mechanisms of the body. DMT is responsible for the tingly/warm sensations related to kundalini energy, and also promotes memory and dream recall, cognitive function and the ability to retain information.

This tea is also rich in potassium and magnesium.  Potassium powers the nervous system and inner piezoelectric currents. Magnesium is essential stem cell production and proliferation (our inner regenerative function).


Banana Tryptophan DMT tea also has a relaxing effect, so your body can easily shift into parasympathetic mode for ultimate healing and rejuvenating benefits while you sleep. 


*Complete recipe, method, alchemical benefits, and tips for usage explained in the video - ENJOY!

Banana Onion Chakra Purifier

This ayurvedic Banana Onion Chakra Purifier compliments and assists your Super Consciousness Awakening (Sacred Secretion) practice perfectly.


 Bananas are antiviral, clear parasites and detoxify the intestines which correlate with the root and sacral chakras. 


Bananas contain potassium which powers our inner piezoelectric currents; potassium = potential! 

(Here's a video about potassium and the halo of enlightenment that you might like to check out).

Onions detoxify and invigorate the liver which correlates with the solar plexus chakra and in turn the entire temple body. The sulphur in onions is an essential mineral, vital for many bodily processes including detoxification and lymphatic function. 


But the real "magic" happens when bananas and onions are combined, because together sulphur and potassium help the body to produce its own acetic acid. Endogenous acetic acid production is increased during the preserving and raising of the Sacred Secretion (Christ Oil/Anointing), helping to clear chakra blockages and reset the body at a cellular level, resulting in the felt experience of new life (resurrection), vision, and enlightenment.


Please read Elevation: The Divine Power of the Human Body or watch the full Banana Onion Chakra Purifier video above to learn more about acetic acid in relation to the body and how Bible alchemy (chemistry) illustrates these wonderful life supporting truths. 


*Complete recipe, method, alchemical benefits, and tips for usage explained in the video - ENJOY!

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