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44% OFF Sacred Secretion Timing Calendar 2024

From now until midnight on the 1st December 2023, the ReGENEration Calendar that gives you your Sacred Secretion or Super Consciousness Awakening time phases for 2024 is being offered with 44% off the RRP.

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Simply follow this link to get 44% off Sacred Secretion Timing Calendar 2024:

The timing of the sacred secretion happens monthly when the moon traverses through your birth constellation. Unfortunately it's not as simple as just using the tropical astrological system, because you need to observe and practice on the sidereal system days as well!

The ReGENEration Calendar 2024 is the easiest way to find your monthly time phase without the need of any other Apps or resources. Due to the nature of Amazons publishing platform and low percentage profits I am only offering this discount for 5 days, so if you want to take advantage of this offer please do not delay.

44% off your 2024 ReGENEration Calendar:

Our receptivity to the moon’s pathway can be explained by what’s known as The Monthly Cranial Respiration Cycle (MCRC), which is a natural rhythm of the body, characterised by the expansion and contraction of the brain and spinal cord.

The Monthly Cranial Respiration Cycle correlates with the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF/Christ Oil) which is part of the lymphatic system, the movement of cranial bones and causes changes in the circulation of blood flow to the brain.

Doctors have also observed that the Monthly Cranial Respiration Cycle affects the vibration patterns (rhythmic oscillations) of the cerebral cortex. And it is no coincidence that it takes approximately 3 days for the brain to create new pathways, parallel to the time the moon spends in each birth or zodiac sign during its 29.5 day cycle.

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Kundalini Rishi's say that The Monthly Cranial Respiration Cycle is a manifestation of the body’s subtle energy system, relating to the monthly cycle of prana (divine energy) through the body.

Watch this short video now, explaining how to calculate the timing of the Sacred Secretion for yourself. In a few short minutes you'll learn just how easy it is to find our when the moon will be traversing through your birth (sun/zodiac) sign.

Alternatively, learn more about the science and spirituality of the monthly cranial respiration cycle that is responsible for causing our sacred secretion time phases here:

Don't forget to pick up your copy of the ReGENEration Calendar 2024 before the 1st December to receive a 44% discount:

Practise it EVERYTHING, the embodiment and practical demonstration of the Holy Scriptures is key to raising the Christ Oil (Sacred Secretion) and activating your Super Consciousness.

faith without works is dead bible quote james 2

Sending bursts of love and light, it is an honour to journey with you all. Namaste.

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