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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

"Lift up your hands to the holy place and give thanks to the Lord"

Psalm 134:2 (NLV)

Anatomically the "Crista Galli" is a small point of bone that projects from the top of the delicate ethmoid bone just between the eyes. It forms an important connection in brain function. This connection is mirrored in the effect that occurs when our hands are placed together palm to palm in prayer.

In ancient sacred esoteric anatomical studies the "Crista Galli" is also known as the "Christ Gallery".

The word "Christ" comes from the word "Christos" (spelling variants from other parts of the world include: Kristos, Cristos, Christo, Krsna, Krishna, Chi-Rho, XP etc.) These words are all synonymous the word Christ and mean anointed, clear as CRYSTal; CRYSTal clear, purified, pure light energy body.

The "Crista Galli" or "Christ Gallery" is located in the position where different religions and Spiritual practices from all over the world advise people to position their hands for prayer and or meditation, this tiny pyramid structure is a window for subtle energy.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation tells us that when our hands are drawn together in "prayer position" also known as, "initial mudra" it helps to center and concentrate our subtle energy or spirit in the body by creating a circuit. This ancient scientific tradition encourages the flow of divine energy through the brow or Adnya chakra (church of Philadelphia).


When the palms of the left and right hands touch it neutralizes the positive (right, solar, masculine) side of the body with the negative (left, lunar, feminine) side of the body. The two main nadis, ida and pingala harmonize to create a neutral (surrendering) space in the bodies electromagnetic field.

Placing the palms together at the forehead helps to bring serenity, clarity (like CRYSTal), focus and wisdom to our seat of intuition at the brow center, whilst synchronizing pineal (Joseph) and pituitary (Mary) secretions.

Placing the palms at together at the heart, with the tips of the thumbs touching the pressure point at the sternum relaxes the vagus nerve to encourage relaxation into a deep, healing and receptive meditative state.

Peace and light.


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