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Revelation is "Elevation"

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The Bible Book of Revelation, also known as the Book of the Apocalypse explains the true science of enlightenment: body, mind and soul in a fantastical and epic parable only 22 chapters long.

The often-misinterpreted mysteries of this enigmatic book are the keys to freedom, liberation and abundance - ELEVATION!

The book of Revelation is a testimony about transformation. The ascension healers who wrote the original version knew the intricate science of human DNA - the fabric of life. This empowering interpretation explains the potential embodied within every human person.

“ELEVATION” decodes the metaphors and symbols in the Book of Revelation (KJV) with the aid of mystical insights and the corroboration of the latest scientific discoveries and theories.

The interpretations given within this book focus on the chemistry and anatomy of the miraculous human body, and the bodies powerful electromagnetic energy which fluctuates according to one’s psychological and emotional health.

“For nothing is concealed that shall not be made known.” Luke 8:17 – meaning, NOTHING IS HIDDEN THAT WILL NOT BE EXPOSED!

Everyone knows that the most famous literary masterpieces are metaphorical, and The King James Book of Revelation is no exception.

The Book of Revelation is a cinematic masterpiece with an all-star cast, but its allegories have clouded the minds of its readers for centuries.

The "coincidences" revealed cannot be denied and these elucidations are not for the faint-hearted.

The crucifixion story concludes when the “stone” is rolled away revealing the resurrection…

Luke writes: "And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb."

In reality, the Holy tomb signifies “crystallised substance” or “matter” which is often signified by a “cube”.

In the Book of Revelation the dimensions given for “New Jerusalem” describe a cube, and in the book of Exodus the Holy of Holies has square proportions too.

Beyond the earthly, visible 3D realm is the heavenly, invisible 4D+ realm. EVERYTHING visible has its counterpart in the invisible.

The counterpart of the visible cube is the invisible cube. A block formed from the subtle essence of light directed by sound vibration (thought).

The etheric cube is continually being moulded and perfected by the one who seeks enlightenment - Manly P Hall says that:

“The perfect cube represents the personality that has had all the unevenness, roughness, and inequality polished away by experience.”

When there is a union between emotion and thought the “I am, Je suis, Jesus” can be liberated from its tomb (cube).

In her book, “The Keys to the universe” – Harriette Curtiss says,

“The cube is undeveloped man, the cube unfolded is the cross”

When the cube is opened it makes 3 squares across and 4 squares down = the spiritual number 7

Once the sides of the cube are perfected and become even by unconditional love, the cubes rotation (rolling) forms a dodecahedron.

The dodecahedron is the fifth element – 5 perfectly formed spinning cubes create one dodecahedron. The dodecahedron was once considered to be so sacred that the profane were not allowed to speak of it.

The “rolling stone” which reveals the resurrected Christ is the “turning cube” which forms the dodecahedron ascension vehicle.

The tomb has the “Spirit of Life” (I am / Jesus) sealed within it, which remains in darkness until the “stone” is “rolled” away.

The “rolling stone” also corresponds Biblically with “Gilgal”. Gilgal means “rolling away”, “circle”, “wheel” or “whirlwind”

George W Carey says that “Gilgal” symbolises the 12th dorsal vertebra – because this is the location where the semi-lunar (half-moon) ganglion connects to the spine, which is where the “germ”, “seed” or “ark” enters the spinal cord when raising the sacred secretion.

This makes sense when we consider the other Biblical mentions of “Gilgal”:

- Gilgal is the place where Saul was made king over Israel

- Gilgal is the place where Elisha neutralized poison

- Gilgal is the place where Elijah was taken up in a chariot of Fire

So we see that the “tomb stone”, “rolling stone” or “turning cube” which transforms into the dodecahedron ascension vehicle has literally dozens of correspondences throughout the microcosm!

The term “whirlwind” illustrates the presence of the dodecahedron ascension vehicle as the sacred geometry of DNA!

The visible “whirlwind”, double-helix of DNA is supported by the invisible scaffolding of sacred geometry – which in this case is the glorious form of a ratcheting dodecahedron!

DNA is the fabric of life – it can be the raiment of glory or the sackcloth of decay…

It morphs continually in accordance with divine law.

For a deeper view of the "Rolling Stone", Dodecahedron watch this video:

I’ll conclude with a few more examples of dodecahedrons throughout the infinite layers of creation.

Through the experience of “Elevation” (experienced by “John” in the Book of Revelation), the frequency of all possibility amplifies the connection to your own inner guide to the point where you are so centred and established in divine mind that you can not be disturbed by falsities.

Creating the dodecahedron resonance for yourself begins and ends with love, because "the heart creates the sonic elements that weave the nest of the dodecahedra, at the moment of love.”

"The Alphabet of the Heart" By E Pluribus Unum.

Peace and light,

KM x

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