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Revelation Chapter 7

A full allegorical and symbolic understanding of Revelation chapter 7:

Recommended products: Kelly-Marie's book: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING THE VIDEOS FOR REVELATION 1 - 6 FIRST (There is also a 1-5 summary video on my channel).   Some of the words and phrases that have already been studied and translated in those videos are repeated in this chapter and in order to keep this series are concise as possible I do not repeat the topics covered in the other videos. My Book: "THE GOD DESIGN: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul" by Kelly-Marie Kerr is available on AMAZON in ebook and paperback form.   You can also purchase it through my website: WWW.SEEKVISION.CO.UK/THE-GOD-DESIGN The research and writing/production of these videos does take a lot of time and effort. If you would like to support this channel please go to: My website is: Follow Seek Vision at: INSTAGRAM: seekvision FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @seekvision33 I have also created a YOGA APP with both FREE and PRO versions: LINKS BELOW This App is based on the teachings of primitive Christians known as the Essene's who were taught by Enoch and the watcher angels (Anunnaki).  According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jesus (Yahusha) was an Essene who studied these Yogic traditions. YOU DETERMINE THE LENGTH, FOCUS AND MUSIC FOR YOUR PRACTICE: 1. Simply choose your poses - As many or as few as you like! 2. Choose your music from a selection of uplifting theta waves, cleansing God frequency and peace inducing tracks. 3. Finally, enjoy your customised guided yoga practice! Available to download at the App Store and Google Play Store now. ENJOY ANDROID – FREE (Basic): ANDROID – Pro: App store – FREE (Basic): App store - PRO: Freedom Yoga incorporates elements from "The Essene Way" - the Yoga taught by Jesus Christ (Yahusha) to his followers.  For further information on the Essenes and their ancient Yoga techniques go to: Thanks again for watching :-)

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