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This incredible chapter really begins to fill in the gaps! Questions such as, "what and where is God" are answered with precision and become less and less vague.

It is our birth right as human beings - creatures from (and of) Light to know and understand these imperative and empowering truths!

Picking up from chapter 18 where Scripture revealed the importance of realising our ability, through the power of the inner-fire (Holy Spirit) to control the great "Whore" - also known as "sense consciousness" we begin to understand how all of the creative elements come together in DNA and how our choices LITERALLY shape the fabric (raiment) of our being!

A full disclosure of the "marriage of the Lamb" or "DNA activation" is given in this inspiring chapter. The marriage in question here goes by many names, some of which we have touched on in earlier chapters but let’s list them again for sake of clarity and highlighting the syncretism between the symbols.

There’s only one thing that can transcend man above the four somatic divisions and that is what’s known as:

1. The Sacred Secretion

2. The Anointing Oil

3. The Oil of Gladness

4. The Christ Within

5. The Merkabah

6. The Kundalini

7. The Chariot of Ezekiel

8. The Alchemical Wedding

9. The Wedding at Cana

10. The Wedding Garment

11. The resurrection body

12. The Soma Heliakon

These are just some of the names that pertain to the three-fold inner enlightenment that heals, activates and lifts the personal Spirit beyond measure.

This delicate process occurs within the “temple” body and the “marriage of the Lamb” detailed in this chapter is another signifier for this incomparable and carefully guarded secret. The marriage symbolizes the animal nature being refined and the “corruptible seed” becoming “incorruptible” (1 Peter 1:23).

The video for this chapter explains what's happening to our internal biology and DNA as this activation occurs.

By following Jesus’s teachings - body, mind, and Spirit the Sacred Secretion is easily preserved and raised. Again, my book “The God Design: Secrets of the Body, Mind and Soul” explains both the Spiritual and physiological aspects of this transformational process.

When verse 7 mentions “his wife making herself ready” it is referring to the female endocrine gland known as the pituitary or hypophysis.

“The physiological parallel of the resurrection happens when the pineal and pituitary secretions synchronise (are married). The pituitary chemicals of oxytocin and vasopressin, created by a high vibratory frequency of unconditional love, allow CSF flow to increase and pressurize so that the pineal can upgrade melatonin. This two-fold process encourages blood cell production and dormant brain cell activation. The ancients called anyone who had this experience a “Christ” (Anointed one).”

Page 124 The God Design: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul.

The mysterious book of Revelation truly is a physiological, biological and psychological study of our intrinsically designed temple bodies!

I hope you enjoy the video for chapter 19 of the book of Revelations.

Peace and light.


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