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Revelation 13 - 666 and Freedom From Death

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

To a lot of people this chapter of revelations is regarded as the most important due to the fear that surrounds the most interpreted number in existence!

I don’t believe in coincidences, so this video was always destined to be published on the 1st April in succession of previous chapters. Even though it seems so uncanny! So here it is, the chapter that introduces the “666 beast” metaphysically interpreted.

Whatever your thoughts are about the current “pandemic“ I trust that you are all well and keeping the faith.

Emotionally I’ve experienced a few peaks and troughs due to being an “empath” and for anyone who has felt similarly I feel it on my heart to say “it’s okay”.

We are not robots and it’s important to process how we feel, and ALWAYS remember that many blessings can be found in every second of everyday.

Rest assured - Brighter days are on the horizon!

I honestly can’t tell you how grateful I am to journey with you through this great awakening.

Peace and light

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