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Purification of the subconscious is REAL process both spiritually and PHYSICALLY.

When purification of the subconscious occurs all sense of separation DISAPPEARS.

Purification of the subconscious occurs when the CONSCIOUS MIND MERGES WITH THE “CHRIST” MIND (SUPERconsciousness).

During purification untruthful and unhelpful memories and thought patterns are TRANSFORMED. This leads to dramatic effects.

These effects have been perceived as “satanic” due to their disruptive nature. But, they are NOT bad for us, they are NECESSARY for true spiritual growth and understanding.

Some symptoms (effects) of purification are:

1. Depression as the result of suppressed emotions now being released. A feeling of emptiness, confusion or disorientation. Old thought patterns, illusions and conditionings are no longer viable and must be released.

2. Uncontrollable urges to cry - as the Christ washes away memories of sadness.

3. The physical body may purge unwanted residue via a cold, diarrhea, rash, headache, old disease pattern emergence, tingling sensations, skin sensitivity, or waves of heat or cold.

4. Surges of high energy as well as low energy and the need for rest and sleep.

5. Distinct sensations in the chakras (endocrine system) as purified energy moves through opening them to the higher energies.

6. Burning sensations as the fire of the Holy Spirit purifies the body (often in the heart).

The “Holy Spirit”, “Kundalini”, “Substance” is the great purifier.

It begins a subtle inner process which ultimately leads to a state of union with the Christ.

This phenomenon is also known as "chemicalization."

“Chemicalization” is,

“A condition in the mind that is brought about by the conflict that takes place when a high spiritual realization contacts an old ERROR STATE of consciousness”

Truth Unity

In other words whenever a new spiritual idea is introduced negative beliefs resist and are disturbed. This causes a commotion in the consciousness.

With prayer, meditation, praise, fasting, honest reflection, persistence and consistency the “effects” settle and the result is a,

“Peace which transcends ALL things” Philippians 4:7

Do NOT be afraid of the process, embrace the “effects”. Keep trusting and allowing the purification.

The Kundalini - Spirit fire- Holy Spirit is NOT “satanic”. The effects can be unsettling but without it the full cleansing does not occur and the true Christ consciousness can not be fully realised.

Full details of both spiritual and physical sides of the “Sacred Secretion” are in detailed in my book, “THE GOD DESIGN: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul” Kelly-Marie Kerr. Available on Amazon or via my website:

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