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An exploration of the radiant power of prayer for healing and transformation.

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Healing is the fertile soil that allows the fruits of your life to blossom and for you to step into bliss.

Welcome back to the HEALING AND SUCCESS ARE ONE series. We've looked at several techniques such as Mirror Technique, 3rd Eye Technique and Transcendental Meditation. Here is the video for part 3 incase you missed it:

In the fourth part of the HEALING AND SUCCESS ARE ONE series we've been talking about the unrivalled power of prayer! When you’ve overcome debilitating programming, conditioning, and traumas you will be free to elevate like never before and prayer will definitely help you with this process.

Prayers are filled with authoritative words and seed syllables and vibratory frequencies that move and compel creative energy.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS GOD.”

Words are sounds, sounds are vibrations, vibrations are wavelengths that manifest reality! So, pray your heart out!

You can pray loudly or in a whisper if you need to and you can even write your prayers if you want to make sure that no one will hear you.

You can literally say whatever you need to, whatever springs to mind! You can give thanks or get cross, ask questions, or off load – its ALL GOOD! The more sincere and truthful you are the better and just don’t forget to tune out by saying something along the lines of, “I am open to divine favour and to hearing, seeing or feeling your response in the signs and wonders around me Amen!”

This is all relevant to the Sacred Secretion and Kundalini energy because prayer can help us raise our frequency and consequently multiply CSF and activate the biochemicals of enlightenment!

Again, healing and success are intrinsically intwined - it’s very difficult to align with your divine purpose, know your worth, keep your vibration high and manifest the life of your dreams when you’re just not feeling good, or have some deep rooted issues and programming that are either knowingly or unknowingly holding you back! And this is because healing and success are one!

when your health is restored (body, mind, soul and spirit), keeping your vibratory frequency high and attracting goodness on all sides becomes a lot easier!

I hope you enjoyed the videos, we all deserve to feel our best and in doing so we are more equipped to love and help others also. Prayer is so personal, so get creative and let the heart lead you wherever it wants to go!

Practice is the key to transformation, as the Bible states, "faith without works is dead."

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Otherwise, here is the link to download your TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING PRAYER PDF as mentioned in the video:

May divine light manifest itself in you all, always and in all ways.


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