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Parallels between earth and the body - relating to inner alchemy

This post illustrates macrocosmic and microcosmic parallels between descriptions of the Earth and our Human Body, with specific focus on the North Pole and The Brain in relation to the Sacred Secretion and Kundalini Energy (Inner Alchemy).

earth body north pole brain rupes nigra mythology old map

Watch the FULL video here and read the summarised highlights below:

Prominent historical, mythological, and scientific descriptions of the North Pole include these main features:

1. A Whirlpool or vortex.

2. A rock or mountain.

3. A Halo or fountain.

4. Four rivers or currents coinciding with four lands or countries.

5. An eye or hole.

Let’s explore!


whirl pool whirlpool black rock magnetite rupes nigra

Has been described as:

- “Hvergelmir” – known as “The navel of the world,” “the central vortex of earth,” and “the whirlpool or fountain within Meru.”

It’s been said that,

“Every sixth hour the Great Whirlpool reverses its direction. alternating between drawing in and expelling the world's oceans: thereby creating their currents and tides”

This description is echoed in the human body by the flow and exchange of CSF (Christ Oil) and kundalini energy because,

Rishi's observe a 6-hour kundalini cycle, and, on average the entire volume of CSF (Christ Oil) in the body is replaced 4 times per day, i.e., every 6 hours.

This shows a clear parallel between the 6-hour depiction of the currents at the north pole in the outer world and 6-hour alchemical currents of the inner world.


Has been given many names throughout history such as,

- “Mount Meru” – which is known as “a magnetic mountain aligned with the stationary North Star “Polaris.”

Within the name “Meru” we find a parallel to the human body because, a variation of the name “Meru” is “Smeru”.

The word “smeru” is synonymous with GREASE, OIL, MARROW and MEDULL as in medulla –

The spinal medulla is a hub for the majestic, creative “greasy” CSF (Christ Oil), or protoplasm that brings life to the body.

“Oil” is equated with protoplasm because, Oil, in its various consistencies, is a symbol for life force energy, and protoplasm (soma) is the actual essence of manifest life.

“It is made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen… Its name is protoplasm. And it is not only the structural UNIT with which all living bodies (cells) start life, but with which they are subsequently built up…”

Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The outer “oil” or Smeru (protoplasm) at the north pole correlates with the Earths plasma fountain.

And the inner “oil” or Smeru (protoplasm) correlates with cerebrospinal fluid (the sacred secretion).

In Hinduism the human spinal cord is known as “Meru Danda,” an extension of the cosmic spine, said to be parallel with mount Meru.

meru danda cosmic spine

The ascent of the soul through different levels of Meru Danda is parallel to the ascent of life force energy through the chakras in the body, in general the vertical dimension of the universe represents the path of ascent or descent of the soul through different worlds and different states of consciousness.


Has also been described as:

- “Rupes Nigra” meaning “black rock”.

Reflecting this, the human brain has a region known as “Substantia Nigra” meaning “black substance,” it secretes a dark coloured substance called neuromelanin.

Theories propose that neuromelanin acts as an energetic conductor, facilitating the movement of Kundalini energy through the body and enhancing its flow as it awakens and ascends along the spine. Neuromelanin is also associated with dopamine and feelings of joy and bliss.

There are four dopamine pathways near the substantia nigra, corresponding with four directional currents of CSF or living water – this echoes the “four rivers” described at the north pole beautifully.

Similarly, to descriptions of Rupes Nigra, the substantia nigra is said to have magnetic qualities. Research suggests that neuromelanin has the ability to bind and evacuate toxic metals from the body, which helps to prevent the build-up of harmful metals in the brain.

What’s even more impressive though, is, that Melanin turns light into energy!

It does this by splitting water into parts! A tiny molecule life-sustaining called hydrogen gas (H2) is made when water (H2O) is split by neuromelanin, and this gas travels through our body’s central nervous system.

H2 is a microscopic manifestation of what’s known as “the cube of space.” This hydrogen gas is nature's main conduit for carrying energy throughout the universe. Both in the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Both the Islamic and Christian faiths have cubes at the centre of their teachings, with the cross being an un-folded cube.

The cube of space is also found in the Sepher Yetzirah as a model of how invisible energies interact with one another to create visible worlds.

There is also a black rock, said to be formed of magnetite inside the “Kaaba”, meaning CUBE in Mecca. This “holy” magnetic stone is set in the corner of the cube as the “keystone.”

The setting for the magnetite is shaped like a Vesica-Pisces which represents creation, generation, and fertility, as the shape appears during cell birth and replication.

vesica pisces christian fish symbol flower of life sacred geometry

Everyday thousands of Muslims gather to walk in circles around the Kaaba and this ritual precisely reflects the rotation of stars tracing circles around Earths rotational axis (north pole), like a compass.

It also reflects the kundalini initiation which involves the transformation of the human into the divine because, the turning cube forms the dodecahedron ascension vehicle, so by walking around the Kaaba they acknowledge the path of creative spirals and transcending material consciousness.

Many legends claim that the “black rock” of the north pole is also composed of magnetite, a type of naturally magnetic lodestone responsible for the force that compels compass arrows to point true north. The force of magnetism was first discovered through the study of magnetite (lodestone).

Planet Venus is associated with magnetite. Magnetism, Venus, and water are all associated with the divine feminine, creation, and fertility.

Venus has been known by many names in different cultures and languages, for example:

1. The Greek name, “Phosphorus” for the planet Venus simply means “Light Bearer.”

2. Venus is referred to as the "Evening Star" when it appears in the western sky after sunset. The Evening star was personified by the Greek God Hesperus, said to bring “golden apples” from Hesperanopia.

3. Similarly, Venus is called the "Morning Star" when it appears in the eastern sky before sunrise. Biblically the morning star is known as “Lucifer” which is the Latin Bibles translation of phosphorus.

Every 8 years, Venus completes 13 orbits around the sun, its cycle forms a perfect 5-pointed star or pentagram of sacred geometry, just like the one Da Vinci used to symbolise man.

This beautiful form is also known as the “petals of Venus.”

The pentagram, and pentagon are often demonised, but are a blueprint for life, this is why Venus is commonly associated with creation, love, and fertility.

The dodecahedron is touted as the bridge that connects and harmonises both worlds. Depictions of the North Pole often include a bridge or rainbow to higher etheric realms too.

Both related to the colour green, the heart-chakra and Venus also correlate with the “bridge to the higher realms,” this imagery stems from the encoding of DNA that occurs at the heart chakra.

dna double helix dodecahedron

This centre point is where the cube of materiality transforms into the dodecahedral DNA helix – DNA is the master of transformation, hence why the dodecahedron is considered the “ascension vehicle.” Our thoughts can rewrite our genetic DNA codes VIA THE VENUSIAN HEART CHAKRA as proven by epigenetics.

As the planet of love, Venus is linked with heart activations and oxytocin secretions – which are the catalyst for pineal metabolism and the upgrade of melatonin into the biochemicals of enlightenment.

the scared secretion complete guide to kundalini energy and christ oil cover

Heart expansions in the body are echoed by the green phosphorus hues of the northern lights at the “centre” of earth as the vertical sides of the DNA helix are formed of phosphorus also.

Venus also correlates with the “black rock” or magnetite of the north pole, since basaltic rocks on Venus, are typically formed of the mineral magnetite. Some suggest that Venus's magnetic resonance affects the Earth and all of creation, and even go so far as to say there would be no organic life without Venus.


Is sometimes described as a:

“Plasma fountain” – as stated by scientists, the “plasma fountain” at the north pole forms part of the earths electromagnetic torus field (aura). It can be seen as a display of green lights.

We are made of cosmic energy (ions), as is the earth.

First, ions take form as atoms, then atoms combine to form molecules, molecules transform to create cells, and organise to create the body and the macrocosm also.

So, earths plasma fountain is like a funnel or vortex for the manifestation of life, collecting stellar and planetary influences and drawing them into earths toroidal field.

“Northern Lights” is a nickname for Earths mostly green halo of light caused by the forces of its toroidal field.

torus field energy toroidal

All of the celestial bodies, including Venus, serve as emissaries, channelling atomic and elemental energies and potencies toward earth. The influence of Venus, the Phosphorus planet coalescing with other star energies supports the composition and coding of mankind. As the saying goes “we are made of stardust”.

Another name given to


“Arora Borealis” ­– Historically, “Hyper Borei”.

According to the thesaurus of root words, “hyper” means BEYOND, and “bore” has several synergistic meanings like SHAFT, AXLE, TREE, OR TUNNEL. So, we can envision the shaft formed by earths torus as the “tunnel to beyond” … i.e., beyond the 3D, manifest world.

The Greek “Boreas” means NORTH WIND and in mythology a hyperborean is someone who lives BEYOND THE NORTH in the region of sunshine and everlasting spring (Eden).

A “Bore” is also a name meaning “HIGH TIDAL WAVE” – in Frozen 2 Elsa’s identity is found BEYOND THE TIDAL WAVE OF THE NORTH SEA.

The ancient depictions of a tree at the centre of earth could be analogies for the trunk and arches formed by the earth’s toroidal energy field.

Although, “Magnetic Anomaly Theory” suggests that there is indeed a physical mountain of magnetite at the north pole responsible for attracting ions and forming and charging the earths toroidal energy field.


There are plenty of examples showing mount Meru as being surrounded by four directional rivers and four islands.

The 4 islands are echoed by the four sides of the “cube of space” (Kaaba) and the skulls bones that slot together so perfectly to make the fontanel.

The Bibles creation story features four rivers too, this is coupled with theories that equate Eden with hidden lands at the North Pole,

“And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted and became four heads.”

No two metaphysical explanations of the four rivers are the same, Charles Fillmore equates the Euphrates with blood and Carey links it with nerve fluid. Suffice to say there are many comparable features of anatomy drawn to these four outer rivers.

And now we come to


Which is reminiscent of the shaft, axle, or tunnel of the Earths torus field. Just like the pupil in the centre of the eye, it appears like a black hole or an abyss.

The truth is that every torus field has this feature, from the teeny tiny energy fields of blood cells to massive celestial bodies. The eye or nucleus of every organism from microscopic to enormous is its zero point, where Source or Divine Mind resides.

Zero-point energy is perfect, is everywhere, in the core of every living organism and is completely balanced – it is True Source Love.

In conclusion, the exploration of the parallels between the North Pole and the Body, reveals a fascinating tapestry of interconnected features.

The Whirlpool finds resonance in the human body's kundalini cycle and cerebrospinal fluid flow. The Black Rock draws parallels between the Earth's magnetic mountain, magnetite crystals and the brain's neuro-melanin, acting as a conductor for kundalini energy.

The Halo reveals the Earth's plasma fountain and its connection to phosphorus, the heart and DNA and the eye reflects the divine source present in every living organism -- showcasing a harmonious interplay between outer and inner realms.

The intricate connections between Earth and the human body underscore the idea of a unified existence, where the macrocosm and microcosm dance in synchrony.


The Regeneration Calendar for 2024, which gives you your sacred secretion times is now available.

calendar cover sacred secretion timing

Sending burst of love and light, it is an honour to journey with you all.

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