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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I wasn’t going to comment on this as it’s not really my forte, but several people have emailed asking for my opinion on this narrative so here we are!

There’s no way that I can validate or invalidate the claims of this so called “new king” with my own knowledge and resources so I will simply lay out the main points for those who are unaware what’s been going on and we can start a discussion from there!

1. According to Joseph Gregory Hallett the current queen of England is completely illegitimate.

2. Mr Hallett claims to be the true King of England.

3. The document found here explains why Queen Elizabeth is allegedly illegitimate.

4. The document in point 3 has been signed by witnesses, registered with the courts and sent to DOZENS OF WORLD LEADERS including the following people:

  • Her Majesty the Queen (Elizabeth II)

  • Prince Philip

  • Prince Charles

  • Borris Johnson (UK Prime Minister)

  • Vladamir Putin (Russian President)

  • Donald Trump (USA President)

5. On July 9th 2020 Joseph Gregory Hallett signed a declaration to take control of the throne of the United Kingdom - John Smith head off the common law courts signed the declaration.

6. Allegedly *the crown now has 21 days to contest the points laid out in the legal documents*

**THEIR DEADLINE IS 30th JULY 2020! 3 days away...!?**

7. There is also a fully viewable and allegedly authenticated document on entitled:

“Joseph Gregory Hallet is the Mashiach - Christ - Messiah and King of England”.

I have now read most of the information given on Joseph Gregory Halletts website and I must admit it is enthralling.

There are some compelling points about Rosicrucian cosmography and predictive programming that make his claims seem sincere and a small part of me would like to believe that there is truth in this narrative!

My skeptic mind says that this could be a very elaborate and well executed hoax! I guess the future will tell us one way or another!

In the meantime it is a fascinating subject and I am intrigued to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Peace and light.

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