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My “Self” and My “Soul”

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Our “self”, “consciousness” or indeed “soul” which originates from “God”, “YHWH” or “Source” is an essence or anima that is filtered through, differentiated by, individualised by and descends from the stars!

In this way we are all comprised of varying aspects of “God”, “Spirit”, “YHWH”, “Jehovah Elohim” etc.

Thus, our “soul” or “consciousness” relates directly to the Creator, Creation, Monad, Essence etc. This is also our “Psyche” (Soul), from the “Logos” (Word) and where the word “psychology” originates.

In other words our souls are each an individual cocktail of “God”. The “ingredients” if-you-like of our personal cocktail (soul) is determined by which stars Spirit travels through, or is processed by on its way to our physical bodies. The stars give the soul shades, hints and thus individuality. After birth nurture and personal choices also become a factor in soul “personality” and development.

Almost EVERY element on earth was formed in the heart of a star (by nuclear fusion in the stars core)!

These exact same reactions create chemical elements... I.E, EVERYTHING THAT WE SEE, FEEL, TASTE AND TOUCH!

Even the Earth itself is a fragment of the elements which have been sprawled across the UNIVERSE (ONE-SONG) by a star supernova!

Essentially, we ARE stardust!

Peace and light,

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