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Mahabone - Marrow Bone - MVABAVN

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

MARROW (According to Strong’s concordance):

1. The tissue that fills the cavities in most bones.

2. The “ESSENCE” or “best part”.

3. An intimate associate/ one of a pair

The power in the force of bone marrow stem cells is a magic that science recognises but still cannot fully understand.

Bone marrow forms blood cells, antibodies and plasma proteins. They can practically generate any type of cells present in out body, just like the early embryonic stem cells of the blastocyst.

Bone marrow is the root cause or initiator and developer of physical form. In some cases bone marrow transplants have caused the individuals DNA to transform into that of the donor.

This is why bone marrow, AKA mahabone from the Hebrew MVABAVN is used to signify the divinity of mankind.

Job 21:24 (KJV)

“His (mankind’s) breasts (hearts) are full of milk (oxytocin; the physical manifestation of LOVE), and his bones (physicality) are moistened (connected and nourished) with marrow (divinity).”

MVABAVN / MAHABONE means “power of positive energy”

Ma is the feminine aspect of divinity

Ab is the masculine aspect of divinity

MVABAVN has a germatric value of 756, the same value of the scripture in Acts 3:6 “rise up and walk”.

Ancient Taoist Masters discovered that, through the process of absorbing energy into the bones, bone marrow can be revitalized to replenish the blood and nourish the life-force within. This process is called “Nei Kung”.

In freemasonry the initiates are taught the mahabone hand shake and are told that the “masters word (seed) signifies the marrow of the bone.

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