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Over the next few weeks, we are going be focusing on deep healing. Healing is the fertile soil that allows the fruits of your life to blossom and for you to step into bliss.

In a recent video I touched on the idea that “healing and success are one” and since it struck a chord with a lot of you, we’re going to explore this idea further and discuss what’s known as the Essene Mirror Technique for healing.

This is all relevant to the Sacred Secretion because Mirror Technique can help us raise our frequency and consequently multiply CSF and activate the biochemicals of enlightenment!

So, how are Healing and Success Intwined?

Well, it’s very difficult to align with your divine purpose, know your worth, keep your vibration high and manifest the life of your dreams when you’re just not feeling good and this is because healing and success are one!

If you haven't watched this recent video, you can do so now:

I hope you enjoyed the video, we all deserve to feel our best and in doing so we are more equipped to love and help others also... if you're forever giving love but not stopping to top yourself up then you'll find yourself depleted and run down. So I urge you to try the Essene Mirror technique and access deep healing sooner rather than later.

If you would like to make a donation for the PDF you may do so via this link:

Otherwise, here is the link to download your Mirror Technique PDF as mentioned in the video:


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