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Ezekiel “Sprouted Seed” BIOGENIC Bread

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The bread recipe that Victoria Beckham recently touted as the healthiest bread known to man is featured in the Bible in Ezekiel 4:9:

"Take thou also unto thee WHEAT,and BARLEY and BEANS, and LENTILES, and MILLET and FITCHES and put them in one vessel and MAKE THEE BREAD thereof." Furthermore, "Ezekiel bread" better described as "sprouted seed bread" is actually featured in sacred texts that predate the Bible by thousands of years.  "Sprouted seed bread" is also described in the Zoroastrian sacred book called the "Zend Avesta". 

As some of you will know, there are other parallels which can be drawn between "Christianity" and "Zoroastrianism" particularly the fact that a lot of the Essene (primitive Christian) teachings stem from this ancient faith.

Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest belief systems and was founded by the Prophet Zoroaster approximately 3500 years ago (1500 BC).

"Ezekiel Bread" or "Sprouted Grain Bread" is prepared by soaking, sprouting and baking its wonderful nutrient dense ingredients.  No sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients are necessary. 

Compared to the common types of bread that we have become accustomed to, "Sprouted Grain Bread" is higher in protein, fibre AND ABSORBABLE VITAMINS AND MINERALS. 

But, why are sprouted grains so much better for us than ordinary grains?  Well, when the grains are soaked they begin to sprout which releases enzymes and chemicals that increase their nutrient value and make the calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc more absorbable.  

Increasing the nutrient value of the grains of course increases their BIOGENIC ENERGY levels too.  Ingesting foods rich in biogenic energy in the form of photons and chlorophyll assists the workings of the body along all lines and even has a rejuvenating effect.

According to Edmond Bordeaux Szekely the Essenes classified food into four categories:

BIOGENIC: Renews cells and regenerates life within. (Source: Sprouted seeds and beans, nuts and baby greens).

BIOACTIVE: Sustains the life within, neither promoting cell health nor causing its demise. (Source: Organic fruits and vegetables)

BIOSTATIC: Slows the life within, accelerates cell degeneration (aging). (Source: Over cooked fruits and vegetables).

BIOACIDIC: Destroys the life within, causes harm to all systems of the body at a cellular level. (Processed food and drink).  

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