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This is not the blog I had intended for today, but having had the "corona radiata" mysteriously brought to my attention again I decided to follow my intuition and write this blog instead.

From pre-embryonic stages of life until death (and perhaps beyond), the "corona radiata" is part of our spiritual-physical being.

In germ-cell (Seed) production in the generative system the corona radiata is:

"the zone of small follicular cells immediately surrounding the ovum in the Graafian follicle (where eggs develop prior to ovulation) and accompanying the ovum on its discharge from the follicle"

Merriam Webster Dictionary.

The origin of the words "corona radiata" is the Latin "coronae radiatae" which literally means "crown with rays". The image of a "crown with rays" corresponds with the Biblical "7th seal," better known as the "crown chakra" and the all important endocrine gland known as the "pineal gland."

It's of course no coincidence then that there is also a type of PINE (as in PINeal) tree known as the "radiata pinein" or "pinus radiata".

During the 9 month transformation from foetus to human body in the female uterus, the corona radiata becomes a part of our brains neuroanatomy.

In neuroanatomy, the corona radiata refers to pairs of white matter tracts seen at the level of the lateral ventricles.

This is vitally important.

Why? Lets look at this step by step...

We know that the ventricles are the vessels in our heads which carry the living water (cerebrospinal fluid).

"Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, highly conductive (electrical) liquid. Its high electric conductivity is one of the reasons that its influence within the body is so significant. Dr Randolph Stone said that: “the soul swims in the CSF and the CSF is a conveyer and storage field for ultrasonic light energy.”

But what of these "white matter tracts" known as the corona radiata?

Well, white matter tracts are long relays that extend out from the soma in the neuron cells of grey matter! Soma being of course, THE SUBLEST FORM OF MATTER, the essence of ojas!

In other words the corona radiata (white matter tracts) are soma pathways!

Please read this past blog entry for more on the INCREDIBLE attributes of Soma which is related to the Christ Lunar Germ (Seed of Life):

Ancient Vedic texts record the existence of such a substance called Soma as "a power of bliss and deeper perception, we have drunk the soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered." Rig Veda (1700-1100 BCE).

Biblically, soma is referred to as the very body of Christ! Matthew 26:26 (KJV) "Take, eat; THIS IS MY BODY". Body is soma in Greek, the Greek translation (prior to the English) reads "touto estin to soma".

In these current times it is doubly important to recognise these links and understand that our crown chakras are being challenged.

"Mind over matter" is NOT a figure of speech!

Peace and light.


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