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Copper and Zinc - A Galvanic Couple

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Speaking of the enlightened man Revelation - 1:15 says,

“And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.”

Copper and Zinc are a Galvanic Couple.

Brass is the outcome of:

Zinc (male energy in the body - Adam)

Fusing with -

Copper (female energy in the body - Eve) 

In the “furnace“ - the spiritual Sushumna nadi and physical spinal medulla.

Thus, the “feet of brass” are a mixture of Zinc and Copper, which represent the male and female polarities. 


1. Water

2. Salt (all salts are formed of a metal and a non-metal - for example table salt is sodium joined to chlorine -- in the form of chloride)

3. Metal - with Iron being the MOST efficient carrier.

Blood consists mostly of water, salt and Iron!

To promote blood health Ancient Egyptians used wands.

The wands were two cylinders made of copper and zinc commonly filled with quartz or carbon. these wands were known as the "wands of Horus".

This is a huge contrast to the modern medicines used to thin blood - which in the long run has a detrimental effect on the immune system.

When the copper and zinc wands are held a 0.8-1 volt forms between them - this causes a natural process of harmonising in the ratio of electrically charged particles in the blood thus improving the fluidity of the blood and restoring the circulatory system.

The zinc wand is held in the left hand helping to develop psychic sensitivities; Its iron core providing the stimulation for such development.

Using human eggs researchers mimicked the moment of conception. In each case the decisive moment was accompanied by a small burst of ZINC atoms. The eruptions appeared as flashes of light.

These light flashes which signal the moment of human conception are evocative of a larger, cosmic-sized truth documented by both science and the Bible.

Namely, the creation of the universe itself is likewise marked by an explosion of light.

Zinc atoms explode, like fireworks, every time a human being is conceived.

The Bible of course agrees with science that the universe was conceived in a paroxysm of illumination which happened at exactly the same time as God uttered the immortal words, “Let there be light.”

In fact, 1 John states that “God IS light and in him there is NO darkness at all”. Scientists agree that light has a transcendent status. According to Einstein light experiences a reality wholly unlike the one you and I do where the laws of space and time do not exist.

Just like God, Light transcends the restrictions of the ordinary, physical world. For example when it causes something to come into existence that wasn’t there before – be it a human fetus/embryo, a star, or an entire universe.

Peace and light.

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