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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

New video release on YouTube now. This video provides insights into what "Gold Represents" in the Bible and beyond. You may also read the entirety of this blog for further context.

Biblically, "Gold" signifies "sexual energy", also known as "solar energy" or "creative essence".

The counterpart of invisible, cosmic, "sexual energy" is visible sexual fluid. Now known as semen in men and seminal fluids for women. EVERYTHING VISIBLE HAS IT'S COUNTERPART IN THE INVISIBLE.

In 1981, Gold was discovered in human semen - it is present both inside and outside the spermatozoa.

"The research spanning two decades has revealed that gold content in sperm cells is essential for fertility."

Page 1, "Gold is Man's Best Friend" Article for India Times By Paul John

In other words, gold is essential for life to occur.

There are many other important elements present in sexual fluids that literally animate and invigorate the human body. This is why many renowned athletes, musicians, philosophers and scientists seek to preserve their sexual fluids which are harnessed to the invisible sexual energies - depletion of these fluids causes many problems in the temple (body, mind and spirit).

The raising of the "Sacred Secretion", explained in my book THE GOD DESIGN: Secrets of the Mind, Body and Soul can only occur when the bodies sexual fluids are preserved at the correct time of each month. Which is when the moon is in the sun sign of the individual. For more details about the timing of the Sacred Secretion you can watch the following video:

Peace and light.



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I have also created a YOGA APP with both FREE and PRO versions. This App is based on the teachings of primitive Christians known as the Essene's who were taught by Enoch and the watcher angels.


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Thanks again, it is an honour to journey with you all.

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