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The Sacred Secretion

"Your Guide to all the aspects of The Sacred Secretion, including Kundalini Energy, Christ Oil, Inner Alchemy and the Monthly Seed." 

"The Sacred Secretion is the ultimate secret that lies behind every miracle, myth, and mystic experience… and… it lies within YOU. The Sacred Secretion is essentially the inner biochemical process that is parallel with etheric Kundalini Energy. “Christ Oil” is a beautiful analogy for this timeless phenomenon, and the cycle of the “Monthly Seed,” or “Cell of Life” coinciding with the moon is key to realising your own awakening and regeneration!
Kelly-Marie Kerr’s books and videos explain the various aspects of the Sacred Secretion with clarity and depth, shining a light on this transformational “secret process.” No stone is left unturned in these inspiring, diligently researched, scientifically backed, and dynamic explorations…
May your light rise and expand as your journey towards Super Consciousness Awakening."

Full Sacred Secretion Explainer

Our Books

The Sacred Secretion Guide Kundalini Energy Christ Oil Alchemy and the Monthly Seed Book Cover

The Sacred Secretion - Your Complete Guide clearly explains
all the most important and crucial information regarding
the monthly regeneration process and how YOU can embody this teaching for yourself. A compendium of knowledge from previous books and videos, plus brand new discoveries are all featured within.

the god design book cover secrets of the mind, body and soul

The God Design book explores the Sacred Secretion,
Christ Oil and Kundalini Energy as hidden in various
global religions and sciences, such as Xxenogenesis and Kaya Kalpa yoga. Many fascinating bible codes are revealed and corroborated by the latest scientific discoveries in this best selling syncretic offering.

revelation bible study book cover elevation the divine power of the human body

Elevation is a metaphysical and alchemical study of the Bible book of Revelation. It reveals the inner process of enlightenment available to all. The true Revelation of Christ, 777 (7 stars, 7 candlesticks and 7 seals)! And offers a complete metaphorical breakdown of each chapter.

the cell of life awakening and regenerating book cover monthly seed explained christ lunar germ seed

The Cell of Life focuses on the “birth” and “journey” of the “Jesus Seed” also known as "the Cell of Life" and the "Christ Lunar Germ" born in the solar plexus every 29.5 days with the moons cycle. Revealing our true spiritual
potential and decoding one of the most well-known parables of all time!

ReGENERATION Calendar 2024 3D Cover.png

The ReGENEration Calendar provides all your Sacred Secretion time-phases (when the moon is in your Sun Sign) for 2024. It also has journal pages and information about the timing.

Revelation is ELEVATION


The Bible book of Revelation is full of codes and metaphors about the inner process of enlightenment, watch Kelly-Marie's Revelation YouTube series to learn more.




We are all divine beings or “Gods” (as stated in Psalm 82:6 KJV), but as a race our power and divinity has largely been forgotten or diminished.

Spiritual awakening is largely a remembering and reactivation of our innate human power. 

This Super Consciousness Awakening Course is the result of decades of research and experimentation and is sure to give you profound results.

The course is available through Teachable, click the link to find out more details about this insightful and transformational and course.

christ super consciousness course cover how to raise the sacred secretion

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